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Forward Change provides motivational workshops, mentoring and coaching to help propel you forward into the change you desire. Judi Saunders (PLC, NLPP) the founder of Forward Change is a professional life coach and NLP practitioner. She is the author of Quotes for Success ebook and creator of the 4i's Success Strategy programme: Intuition + initiative + inspiration = innovation. She is the president of the West London Coach Support Group which holds monthly workshops/meetings on a wide range of self development topics. Judi specializes in parent coaching and spiritual coaching. She home educated her five sons and worked from home at the same time.

Forward Change offers workshops on various topics, motivational presentations, personal or group coaching and mentoring.

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Transorm a Bumpy Parenting Ride into a Smooth One.

The Parenting Wheel of Life Workshop could be just the thing to help your parenting run more smoothly. Join other parents for a fun and thought... read more

Press Release • 29.10.2012 • By Forward Change